Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Black sesame bread

One day, at work:

Me: Hey, thanks for the meal last week, here is something for you.

Some dude: Wow...bread! Wait, what is that black thing? Machine oil?

Me: ..........dude! It's black sesame ;p

Black sesame bread

Bread flour // 300g
Active dry yeast // 5g
Milk powder // 15g
Sugar // 27g
Salt // 3/4 tsp
Water + 1 egg yolk // 210g
Butter // 24g

Same instruction as the chocolate banana bread.
Recipe :: For the black sesame sheet, use ground black sesame instead of cocoa powder.

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diva said...

beautiful bread! definitely not machine oil. love sesame :) x

Federica said...

stupendo questo pane!!! chissà che buono!

Mrs Ergül said...


oneordinaryday said...

Looks amazing.. Beautiful swirls.

Esther said...

such a pretty bread! Haha, what your coworker said made my day. That was so funny. :)

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