Thursday, July 02, 2009

random illustration

I always love illustration.

But for some reason, I feel hesitated to sit down and start doodling. It's been easier for me to make bread from scratch than to start drawing on papers. (Yeah, I am weird....)

Fortunately it has been changed since I start working in Seattle. The opportunity to do illustration at work really get me started, and I have been trying different things to expand my illustration skill.

Here are some random stuff I did last year (click to see the illustration in actual size):

A for ada

Didn't really have much going on in my mind during the process, it was more like to visualize an emotion, a feeling or an atmosphere.

Fishy as yujai

Yujai = little fishy in Cantonese. I love drawing fishy, I guess I just love everything that can flow freely :D

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Siukwan said...

nice nice, i think you can finish a series of a to z =)

Venus ~ Vi said...

These are great, especially the one with the fish. When will you render one with the V ar?!

Yujai said...

That's a very good idea.....!

V for Venus XD

Anonymous said...

I love the fish one!

Ali said...

I think they are both beautiful. Different and unique. I love the colors of both.

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