Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stripe mania: stuffed steamed bun

More steamed buns :D

These savoury steamed buns are stuffed with pork and shitaki mushrooms. Try stuffed with chicken and corn or make vegan-friendly version with mushrooms and tofu.

This time the strips look so nice and I am very happy with it..... but my cousin said he thought it's a molded bread when he first saw the thumbnail of the black sesame buns photo......can someone please give him a good slap for me? Thank you very much!

Recipe see Pork and pumpkin stuffed steam bun 南瓜肉包子

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JSB said...

Haha! I saw this on FoodGawker and I knew it was you before I even clicked the link!! =p

Looks good!

Yujai said...

Wah! Thanks! :D

viv said...

wow this looks great (saw it on foodgawker too!).
I want one now! so much effort to make this though!

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