Sunday, March 28, 2010

Little jade planets: matcha taro puff pastries

Swirl mania! Don't they look like little planets?

2010-03-28 Matcha taro pastry

2010-03-28 抹茶芋頭酥 Matcha puff pastry with sweet taro fillings

These are traditional Chinese puff/flaky pastry (酥皮), often stuffed with sweet fillings such as sweet bean paste and taro or savory fillings. In a way it's like Chinese steamed bun but with flaky crust...ha! These pastry varies from region to region throughout China, but when talking about these flaky pastries, two styles come in mind: the Su-style and Cantonese style. In the region of Suzhou, mooncakes are made of these puff pastry while these puff pastries are often stuffed with sweet filling in Canton region.

Unlike pâte feuilletée (French puff pastry), the Chinese puff pastry dough are quite easy to make and require not as much preparation time. See my another post onthe hard working pastries 勤勞的酥皮 1 : 蘿蔔絲酥餅 for process photos.

2010-03-28 Matcha taro pastry

2010-03-28 Matcha taro pastry

2010-03-28 Matcha taro pastry

Matcha Taro Puff Pastry

1 dozen

- Recipe coming tonight , stay tuned! -

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jly said...

These are beautifulll
Is the recipe still coming? :P

You're a self-taught baker right? Where do you mainly get all your recipes?
I have such a crush on your blog and baking ;)

hun said...

So happy I come across your website.
When will you post the recipe for this matcha taro puff pastries?

lan said...

Are you still posting the recipe for matcha taro puff pastries?

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