Friday, January 29, 2010

First baking in 2010: Japanese style stuffed yam bread (yushu style)
2010年第一焗: 日式蕃薯包 (湯種法)

First thing first, one of my favourite things in the winter, yam bread!!!!!

It's soft, it's warm. The moist white bread stuffed with yummy mashed yam and dusted with cocoa I really need to say more?

I am still in my holiday mood, don't really feel like working at all. Even just trying to concentrate is difficult! *Sigh* when will I have my next vacation??

Japanese style stuffed yam bread (yushu style)

9 small stuffed buns
:Starter dough:
Bread flour // 90g
Glutinous rice flour // 10g
Sugar // 10g
Salt // 1 g
90°C hot water // 100ml

1. Mix together all dry ingredients.

2. Slowly pour in hot water and combine.

Bread flour // 200g
Sugar // 32g
Salt // 2g
Milk powder // 6g
Starter dough // 30g
Egg // 40g
Evaporated milk // 30g
Water // 60g
Dry yeast // 3g
Butter // 20g
Cocoa powder // a little bit

:Yam filling:
Mashed yam // 100g

1. In a large bowl, combine everything except butter. Beat until well blended using a stand mixer with a dough hook attachment. Add in butter and knead until dough is smooth and elastic. Shape into a ball. Place dough in a greased bowl. Cover, and let rise in a warm place for until double it size.

2. Roll the dough into a ball (50g each). Let rest for 20 minutes.

3. Flat each dough using your palm, place a spoonful of filling, wrap it up to form a round bun. Seal the ends underneath. Let rise for 60 minutes or until 2 times larger in size.

4. Dust cocoa powder on the top of each dough. Bake 190C/375F for 18-25 minutes or until golden in crust.

: Note :

1. You can fill these buns with different fillings: red bean, chestnuts, mung bean, dates, yam or even pumpkin (probably the easiest/cheapest during this time of the year).

2. The bread turns out perfect! Light crust with soft texture inside and these buns were still soft after 4 days.

3. You can also freeze them and throw them directly in the oven 275F for 15 minutes.

日式蕃薯包 (湯種法)


高粉 // 90g
糯米粉 // 10g
糖 // 10g
鹽 // 1 g
90°C熱水 // 100ml

1. 乾性材料混合。

2. 慢慢倒入熱水攪拌,拌均即可。

高粉 // 200g
糖 // 32g
鹽 // 2g
奶粉 // 6g
湯種 // 30g
全蛋 // 40g
淡奶 // 30g
水 // 60g
乾酵 // 3g
牛油 // 20g
朱古力粉 // 適量

蕃薯泥 // 100g
吉士粉 // 100g

1. 將所有材料除牛油外混合,搓成麵團,然後加入牛油,把麵團搓至光滑不黏手,撐開呈薄膜狀。

2. 麵團搓好後,發酵 60-90分鐘 用保鮮紙蓋上(發大2倍)。

3. 完成發酵後,排氣,將麵團分割成 50g 的麵糰,然後滾圓,鬆弛 20 分鐘。

4. 將麵糰用手掌略為壓平,包入適量甜餡料,收口壓緊朝下放入焗盤中作最後發酵大概60分鐘。

5. 表面壓上朱古力粉,放入己預熱焗爐用175C/347F焗約 18-25分鐘。

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