Friday, August 28, 2009

Cookies plate: Sables and Crackies

It may sound wired for people here in North America, but this is actually quite common in Chinese cuisine, and probably most of Asian cuisine.

I always love adding flowers and herbs into cooking, especially rose gives a little kick to the dessert with its delicate fragrance. Rose went surprisingly well with cranberries, this cookies has officially becomes my recent fave!

One day I brought these to work, my boss came up with the word "crackies" for these awesome baked goodies because the texture is in between cookies and crackers :)

Matcha sables, Black sesame and black soybean sables :: recipe
Replace matcha powder with ground black sesame and powdered black soybean

Rose and cranberries crackies

Osmanthus crackies

Rose and cranberries crackies

20 pieces
Powdered sugar // 50g
Butter // 100g
Salt // 1/4 tsp
Cake flour // 180g
Baking soda // 1/4 tsp
Dried rose // 1 cup
Dried cranberries // 1/3 cup
Water, cool // 1 tbsp

1. Beat together butter, powdered sugar and salt until cream like. Remove stalk and sepals using fingers. Soap the dried rose petals in water for 10 minutes. (The dough just need a little bit of water, but I would like to add some strong rose scent in it, so that's why it's 1 tbsp).

2. Combine cake flour and baking soda and sift into the butter mixture. Add in the soaped rose petals and water, cut to combine until a rough dough is formed.

3. Roll into a 0.5cm thick rectangle sheet. Chilled for 20 minutes. Cut into 20 equal pieces.

4. Bake 329F/165C for 20 minutes, lowered to 311F/155C for another 10 minutes (30 minutes in total)

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Gala said...

The rose and cranberry ones look gorgeous.

Jacqueline Church said...

My mother-in-law brought back some dried rose buds from Turkey. This will be a fun way to use them. One question - do you have equivalents for us nonmetric types with no scales?

Jasmine said...

Is there supposed to be cranberries in the Rose and Cranberries Crackies?

Yujai said...

Jacqueline: Try google for cup/gram conversion, hope it will help!

Jasmine: Yes! There is! But the cranberries kinda have the same color as the rose petal ;)

Charlotte said...

these look delicious, however i think the cranberries are missing from your written out recipe, how many cups of cranberries (or craisins right?) should be added in?

Anonymous said...

They look wonderful. Quick question on soaking the roses. Soak in the 1 tbsp of water recipe call for or soak them with enough water to cover?

Yujai said...

Charlotte: Good eyes! Just add that back in. It actually doesn't really matter. I just add in a handful of cranberries in it.

Yes it won't cover all the petals. We just need a little bit of water to hold the dough, so that 1 tbsp of water is just for enhancing the rose fragrance by soaking with rose petals.

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