Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The chronicles of classic french pastry: pâte à choux
經典法式糕點歷險記: 泡芙

Time for trying out the "the Picasso of Pastry", Mr. Pierre Hermé's recipes!

I am not totally unfamiliar with pâte à choux (Pastry base for cream puffs and eclair). In fact, cream puff is one of my most successful dessert items.

This time the result is awesome! I was totally impressed by the recipe. The choux pastry is crunchy outside and buttery moist inside, it's almost taste like 雞蛋仔 XD I think I ate almost half of the shells before I have the pastry cream ready....haha!

The éclairs are filled with chocolate pastry cream and finished with the chocolate glaze. This is going to satisfied any chocoholic needs :D

The macarons I had in LA were SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOD and so I am back to macarons. One day, I will make kicking ass macarons XD

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Anonymous said...

My, you remind me of my home as a kid!
In France we have this enormous chou called "Religieuse"! It is actually two choux on top of each other, one with chocolate cutard, the other with coffee custard!

Venus ~ Vi said...

What a coincidence, I just made some macarons too!

I have been giving thoughts about making cream puff and just purchased a book dedicated to it! Your creations look just fantastically fabulous! I am totally swooned at the sight of those éclair, yum!

Yujai said...

Saw your macarons, I want some!!!

I didn't really have the right tip for the éclair, so they are super tiny! For some reason, stores here just don't carry the large round tip, I guess i have to buy it online someday.

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