Friday, February 13, 2009

Wall arts: my little octopuses 塗鴉: 我的小小八爪魚

Most people in my team at work were extremely busy and not being creative for past 3 months. We were hoping to do something fun and interesting to keep the creativity juice flowing.

So here is our first project: painting the walls in our area.

I was extremely excited about drawing on wall since I wanted to do this so long (see messing up the walls) but I just cannot do that to my room because all the walls in the house has texture!!!! ARRRRRHHHH!!!

It's been a tough 4 months for me, but this drawing just make me feel goooooooood! I have a simile every time I walk back to my desk :D Creating a piece in large scale just make me feels happy!

In the meanwhile, I am planning to develop my little octopuses collection. First thing would a tee on :D Vote for me! (will post that once I submit the design)

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cabbie lopez said...

thank you for dropping by my blog. alcohol inks are cool mediums you can use it on non porous materials like metals, plastics, stones, glass. you can streak it, dab it and the effect would be somewhat polished or technicolor. use it for background in cards or just make an embellishment out your background.
oh,love your photos and your wall art.

Anonymous said...


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