Monday, August 13, 2007

messing up the walls

Our wall repaint project started to be annoying. We found a problem after removing all the masking tape from the walls.

The previous color was painted carelessly, most edges are jagged. Something ugly happened when we removed the masking tape! Some paint leaked on the ceiling along with jagged dark green paint. So there are two different paints formed a jagged line between the ceiling and the walls.

Since we cannot find the matching color of the ceiling, we decided to paint a border around the ceiling to hide those imperfections.

Qoute of the day:

Anyways, here is the fun part -- wall drawing, YEAH! I haven't decide what to draw yet, but here are some goodies I found.


via Make Up The Wall

Wall stickers:

via ferm living

via paintless design

via Think Geek

via blik Wall Decals

via Wonderful Graffiti

via design 3000

via wink

via divider

via popcling

via romp

via greener grass design

Some more eye candies:

via rockettstgeorge

by Six Keyz

by 輪派絵師団

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