Friday, November 09, 2007

Renton: Naan-N-Curry

Last weekend we went to IKEA & Walmart for houseware shopping. I am sick and tired of Swedish meatballs so I was looking for restaurants in Renton.

image credit // Naan-N-Curry

At last I picked Naan-N-Curry at city center of Renton. Most stores look old fashion and crappy in that Area (feels like E. Hasting). The restaurant has a small entrance and we've almost missed it. It was much better inside with a hugh open space. There's lots of room between tables so it was quite comfy.

The naan was EXCELLENT! So goooooooooooood! I almost want to order another dish! Chicken Tikka Masala was rich and creamy, very tasty! Naleem was not our favourite, we don't like it at all. The meat was very dry and the sauce tasted weird? The dish doesn't come with rice, so we ordered Saffron rice. It was great, we were impressed!

This restaurant definitely goes on our will-revisit-list. Although they claim themselves as a very affordable, high quality Indian Restaurant, it wasn't that inexpensive. Both dishes that we ordered has little meat and a dishful of sauce. You will need to order some naan($1.75+) or rice ($3+) for sure. We agreed with the high quality part though!

709 South 3rd Street
Renton, WA 98055

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Venus ~ Vi said...

Hi Yujai,

Naan-N-Curry has some of the best tasting naan! My favorite is the garlic favor. Yum! There are locations in Berkeley and SF and I frequent both. I also love the mango lassi (sp?!)! Creamy and refreshing, which pairs best with heavily seasoned food!


Yujai said...

I had mango lassi that day tooo! Best combination for Indian food (I always think it sounds funny in Chinese...haha you know what I mean...)

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