Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Maltose cracker sandwich 懷舊一下: 麥芽糖夾餅

If you gown up in HK/Macau/Taiwan, you probably had maltose cracker sandwich before. This snack, according to my mom, was very popular back in her days. I don't see them often anymore, fortunately, you can make it at home easily.

All you is need 2 crackers, maltose and a chopstick. Dip the chopstick into the maltose, roll several times to get more, place it on the center of a cracker, place another cracker on top of it and squeeze a little bit, take out the chopstick and there you go! Simple but yummy cracker sandwich!

I used black sesame crackers and it goes very well with the maltose. I think this is a good one for quick & dirty party snack, what do you think?

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Venus ~ Vi said...

How come我唔記得呢個snack?! 童年時的記憶好模糊 -_-"

開party當hors d'oeuvres okay wor. 懶人必愛(like me!)


Yujai said...

Maybe you are too young to have this is in your childhood memory!

Yup! I am going to include this in the my house warming party ;D

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