Monday, November 05, 2007

chestnut pound cake 栗子磅蛋糕

我非常愛吃栗子。栗子蛋糕、Mont Blanc、糖炒栗子、栗子炆雞翼都是我的最愛。秋天一到又是謀殺栗子的好時間囉!

美國也盛產栗子,但QFC, Safeway, Tops都沒見過有得賣,還是在大華99或Uwajimaya才有。第一次見到是$5.00/lb 我已在想在耍我嗎?後來沒多久見到Uwajimaya賣$9.99/lb!!!我還看了一會,沒看錯!真的是這個價錢!



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Venus ~ Vi said...

My gosh, why is everything so expensive at where you live? Is the cake bite size too? It kind of looks like financier cake. I like it!

How much did that almond powder cost you? I looked everywhere (planning to make macaron)and found it at Whole Food. I paid $12.99 for a bag! This baking/pastry hobby is draining my bank account slowly....

Yujai said...

Yea totally! I have no idea why chestnut is soooooooooooo expensive! No it's not bite size this time...haha...just normal loaf cake size ;)

Oh oh, I brought mine from Trader Jos. They sell the best price for $4.xx!!! I saw QFC sold the same size of almond flour for $16.99! How crazy is that??

I always have a feeling that baking is popular in US but I found it difficult to get the ingredients.

I am looking for custard powder, I know there's an American brand produced them but I can't find it anywhere! Instead I found them in Chinese grocery store in Vancouver, funny erh?!

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