Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Soymilk 自家製豆漿

Soymilk and chinese doughnut are probably the most popular breakfast combination in Taiwan, but not in Hong Kong! We have steamed rice noodles instead.

Anyone grown up in Hong Kong would not leave school's memeory without Vitasoy milk. I am not talking about the small package ones you see in grocery stores, but bottle-size warm Vitasoy milk that sells in schools during winter.

Unlike now there are so many favours avaliable, it used to be two favours only, original and chocolate. Back in high school, I usually buy a pack of meat balls or fish balls ($1 for 5 fish balls or 4 meat balls XD) and a bottle of Vitasoy milk for breakfast. Hmm....okie! One more must have item when I am back in Hong Kong!


2-3 cups

Soybean // 1 cup
Water // 4 cup

1. Wash the soybeans. Place it in a container and fill in water (about 2~3 times more than the soybeans). Let it soap over night in refrigerator.

2. Sieve away the water and wash the soybeans again. In a few batches, place the soybeans and water into blender until milky (soybean should be crushed). Pour the mixture through a cheesecloth to sieve.

3. Place cheesecloth on a sieve, pour in the mixture to strain the crushed soybeans. Squeeze the cheeseloth to get more mixture. That's the raw soymilk.

4. Cook the raw soymilk over a low heat until boil. Cook for 5-10 more minutes. Add sugar if desired.

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