Tuesday, October 23, 2007

from new toy to oldie photos......super image heavy!

You may notice the recent photo quality has been highly increased. Yup! I finally bought a dslr!

Right now I am just using my old lens 50mm f1.8, still trying to find a good deal for 18-70mm. Hopefully I will able to get it before I go back to Hong Kong :D

From Fujiflim FinePix40i (aka d jai), to Sony V1 (aka v jai), then Nikon F100 (aka 單眼仔) and finally Nikon d40x (don't have a nickname yet!).

I guess the first thing I need to do is either getting a larger harddrive or burn all the old ones to DVDs!

Nikon D40x + 50mm f1.8

nikon F100 + 50mm f1.8

Steveston, Richmond

Steveston, Richmond

Granville Island, Vancouver

Sony V1

Bellagio, Las Vegas

Ghibli Museum, Tokyo

Salt Spring Island, Vancouver

Granville Island, Vancouver

Himejijo, Japan

Osaka, Japan

Kiyomizudera, Kyoto

Heian Shrine, Kyoto

Yasaka shrine, Kyoto

Fujiflim FinPix40i

Temple of Zeus, Athens :: magically retouched by photoshop

London Eye, Lodon

Santorini, Greece

Venice, Italy

Lucerne, Switzerland

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Venus aka Vi said...

Gorgeous pictures! I want a new camera too! I thought my Canon SD600 was enough...well, maybe for everyday use but not good enough for blogging! Time to bust out my piggy bank ^0^!

Siukwan said...


Yujai said...

Vi: I guess for us, we need a camera that can take macro photo. Your Canon SD600 is already doing pretty well, don't kill your piggy bank ~>_<~

siukwan: 嘻! 多謝, 不過有排到未到pro級!

siutou_amy said...

I think u posted all ur pics on flickr hahaha

great depth and colors ahda! =D

Yujai said...

That's where the links on this page are XD I've switched my blog photo to flickr now.

步利姬's我在西雅圖 said...

很喜歡妳的照片~ 尤其是湖那一章

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