Wednesday, October 10, 2007

the headache update

I realized I forgot to tell everyone that we already have a date and venue!

Swan-e-SetBay Resort & Country Club
August 23, 2008

Yes, it's in Pitt Meadows, we know it is far and gasoline is expensive nowadays...but it is such a beautiful venue! Other venues just couldn't catch our eyes after been to this place.

I have to admit the clubhouse look kind of out-dated during daytime but at night with sunset lighting, this place looks very disneyland-like. Not to mention the winding staircase and the 60 foot vaulted ceiling in the clubhouse.

For the food...most people in forums said the food is great, but my uncle (who has been to a lot of wedding) said don't expect too much. Since then I gave up the food criteria when picking venue (If you want good food, please attend our banquet in HK, my dad will be inspecting the food quality XD). I just hope the food is at least warm when served XD

Wedding cake, I am going to order cupcakes! Yes, traditional wedding cake are nice, but taste like shxt! Another reason is because I hate food coloring. I need something good at the end of the day in case the food is really bad there.

Ceremony will be outdoor in the garden and banquet inside the clubhouse at night. This allow me to play with two different themes XD

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Siukwan said...



我都好鍾意大自然既景,所以我結婚時都去了TW拍婚照而沒有拍過HK既佈景園林照呢~希望妳big day順順利利啦!!!!

Yujai said...

個場非常grand! 原本我們打算找個有草地可以在戶外擺tent的地點, 不要酒樓, 不要酒店, 小小地溫馨的場地...哈!點知結果還是被那條迴旋樓梯打敗. 同埋0係果度不會同一時間有另一個婚宴~ 可以霸整個場地

我好唔鍾意studio景, 所以不打算拍婚照, 到當日先拍(呢邊西人唔興0係影樓影結婚相)
我也有朋友特登飛了去tw拍婚照, 效果都幾好:)

Siukwan said...




siutou_amy said...

My God!

Everything looks to fancy for ammie, ahda~~~ I'm writing this date in my calendar!

Yujai said...

siukwan: 呵呵~ 其實頭一次見到個樓梯, 我think of beauty and the beast!

Amiee: You will definitely see fancy cupcakes there XD

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