Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Macarons 既可愛又可惡的馬卡龍

I felt so dumb that I didn't have any macarons when I visited Paris. I knew about this delicate cookie but I wasn't interested. (I guess I was too busy eating crepes and Oeufs a la Neige)

Anyways, I've tried 3 times and finally got something that looks getting closer to the "real" ones (Mind you that I never had real one before, but I can kinda feel what it should be taste like).

The first two attempts were a total failure because I didn't use icing/powdered sugar. That led to a very tough surface and never dry for the skin, and of course, no feet at all (the ruffled skirt at the bottom). Finally the third attemp was in right track, feet were formed, smooth top with dome-shaped shell and got the cake-like layer underneath.

The taste was almost inedibly sweet when I tried the cookie alone, eeeee! Anyways, I filled it with raspberry whipped cream (Leftover from my another creation -- swiss roll!) and refrigerated it. And then...magic happened! I grabbed one for T, he said it's sweet but yummy, and even asked for another bite! I was amazed, so I tried as well...WOW! It was sooooo good! No wonder why Master Pierre Hermé suggested to refrigerate 3 days before serving.

I think the recipe I used is still too sweet and the skin is too thick. A couple more experiements before I share the recipe with you. Stay tuned!

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Elsa said...

我也嘗試這個過,但是失敗了。太甜而且站不高,害我好傷心喔! 期待你的食譜喔!

Yujai said...

真的是太甜了, 下次我打算蛋白不加糖打起看會不會好一點! Stay tuned!

shasa said...

this looks great! could i have the recipe?

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