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Serradura 木糠布甸蛋糕

My first experience of Serradura was way back when I was still in high school. My family visited Macau and had dinner in a supposed-to-be-famous restaurant. The meal was disappointing, but the dessert, which was a free dessert with a coupon we got from a magazine, blowed me away. It was just a tiny slice, not even standing properly on the plate, but it was SOOOOOOOOOO good! Serradura is such a simple yet elegant dessert.

Serradura (in Portuguese) means "sawdust," referring the crumbs on top. The pudding is layered with the crumbs and whipped cream, creates a foamy and light texture. The condensed milk gives a dreamy / milky favour.



瑪利餅 // 6
淡忌廉 // 200 ml
煉奶 // 30g

魚膠粉 // 0.5 包
雲尼拿香精 // 1 pinch
朱古力粉 // 2 tbps

1. 在模底鋪上保鮮紙; 坐熱煉奶; 魚膠粉跟包裝指示攪溶.

2. 瑪利餅用攪拌機攪碎或方入密實袋用拍碎, 備用.

3. 淡忌廉打至九成企身

4. 坐熱煉奶,加入魚膠粉攪溶

5. 先加一點忌廉進煉奶內攪勻,再倒回忌廉內快手(用手打蛋器)拌勻

6. 放入一層餅碎,再用唧花袋放入一層忌廉餡,在忌廉上平均灑一層木糠(邊緣用匙羹輕輕放上木糠,中間可用篩), 如此類推, 放入雪櫃冷藏至凝固。

:: 心得 ::
其中一層我灑上朱古力粉(Godiva cocoa: dark chocolate truffle), 吃的時候發覺它變成一層朱古力皮, 有點像軟雪糕那的朱古力脆皮, 很好吃呢! 極力推薦 :)


6-inch cake pan

Marie biscuits // 6
Whipping cream // 200 ml
Condensed Milk // 30g

Vanilla extract // 1 pinch
Gelatin // 0.5 pack
Cocoa // 2 tbps

1. Warm condensed milk for easy whipping in later step. Set aside. Cover the cake pan with cling wrap for easy cleaning. (Omit if making in cup-size). Dissolve gelatin following the package instruction.

2. Blast the biscuits in a blender or crush with a rolling pin.

3. Beat whipping cream until stiff peak. Add the gelatin and vanilla extract into the warm condensed milk. Spoon some cream into the gelatin mixture, mix well. Quickly beat the mixture into the cream.

4. Spoon the cream into cake pan and sprinkle the biscuit crumbs on top. Do it several layers. Place it in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

:: Notes ::
I sprinkled one of the layers with cocoa (Godiva cocoa: dark chocolate truffle). It became a smooth chocolate coating, like chocolate-coated icecream. I highly recommended to add this!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I tried this recipe yesterday afternoon because it looked beautiful and easy but I didn't make it quiet right. I replaced the gelatin with jelly and cooked it as directed, then combined it with the whipped cream however instead of becoming creamy, the batter turned to be watery!

any suggestions, because I definitely will make it again. thanks! - kajoemanis

Anonymous said...

唔知點解我加完魚膠奶水入去d cream 之後, 起哂一舊舊, 好似豆腐渣咁, 好核突, 唔要得. 到底點解呢? 到底魚膠奶水要係咩溫度, 同埋0係咩時候落落去d cream 度呢?


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