Saturday, November 14, 2009

Steamed goodies: swirly steamed rolls fever 旋風饅頭狂熱

Last weekend we went to two house warming parties, one in Seattle, one in Vancouver!

House warming gift? about some baked goodies!!? In a day, I made caramel walnut chocolate chip cookies, a bunch of steamed rolls and a fancy apple pie!

As a result my Saturday was like this: woke up, made the pie shell, went out for lunch, came home baked some cookies while waiting for the steamed rolls doughs to raise, made the apple pie filling and sent the pie to bake, steamed the rolls while waiting!

The steam rolls came out good! It's soft but still chewy! Plus, I finally figured it out how to make two different flavours at a time! Woohoo!

I had tried to roll as thin as possible and hope make more thin layers, but seems like it is impossible to do that by hands! My arms were sore afterward T_T I guess I need a pasta machine.....hmmmmm XD

House warming gift for our Vegan friend!

Swirly steamed roll

10 pieces

: starter dough :
All purpose flour // 200g
Dry active yeast // ½ tsp
Water // 100g
Salt // 1/8 tsp

1. Combine everything until the dough is smooth and not sticky. Let it rise in room temperature for 8 hours.

2. The starter dough can be chilled in the refrigerator for 1~2 days or freeze for 1 month.

1. I usually divide the start dough into 70g a piece (shape into a ball) and store in the freezer, pretty handy when you want to make a quick steam buns.

: Steam roll :
Starter dough // 70g
All purpose flour // 300g
Sugar // 30g
Water // 180g
Dry active yeast // 5g
Butter // 5g
Soymilk powder // 2 tbsp

Cocoa /Black sesame powder // 3 tbsp
Water // 1~1½ tsp

1. Combine everything(except starter dough & oil) in a mixing bowl, mix until a dough is formed. Add in starter dough, mix until combined. Add in oil, mix until fully absorbed by the dough.

2. Divide the dough into half. Add in the flavouring into one of the doughs. Shape the doughs into balls. Let rise for 20 minutes.

3. Roll and fold both of the doughs at least 6 times. Roll out one last time, around 0.3cm thickness, let rest for 3 minutes. Place the flavoured dough sheet on top of the plain dough sheet. Roll them up, slightly stretch the dough a little bit longer and sliced into equal pieces(roughly less than 2").

3. Let it rise for another 40 minutes or until doubled it size.

4. Steam the rolls for 10-13 minutes over low-medium heat. Turn off the heat and do not open the cover, let it sits for another 2 minutes before taking the rolls out.



: 老麵 :
中筋麵粉 // 200g
乾酵母粉 // ½ tsp
水 // 100g
鹽 // 1/8 tsp

1. 攪拌均勻至光滑,室溫發酵8小時,取出備用。

2. 老麵可冷藏1~2天或雪藏保存,雪藏可放1個月!

: 饅頭 :
老麵 // 70g
中筋麵粉 // 300g
糖 // 30g
水 // 140g
鹽 // 少許
乾酵母粉 // 5g
牛油 // 2 tsp
豆粉 // 2 tbsp
黑芝麻粉或朱古力粉 // 3 tbsp

1. 將所有材料(除老麵和油外)放入麵包機攪拌至成糰,再加入老麵,混合好後加入油,攪拌至麵糰完全吸收油為止。

2. 將麵糰分割成兩半。一半滾圓覆蓋保鮮膜略為鬆弛一下。另一半麵糰加入匙黑芝麻粉及水,將芝麻粉充份揉入麵糰中,滾圓。覆蓋保鮮膜略微鬆弛一下,發酵20分鐘。

2. 取出麵糰,反覆桿平6次。最後一次,桿平,壓成0.3cm厚. 覆蓋保鮮膜略為鬆弛三分鐘。將黑芝麻麵皮放到白麵皮上,捲起成棍棒狀. 接縫捏緊. 輕輕滾長. 再分割成數份,約短過2"闊度。將分割好的麵糰放在蠟紙上。

3. 第二次發酵40分鐘,約兩倍大。

4. 用中小火蒸約10-13分鐘,熄火再悶2分鐘才取出。

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veggie wedgie said...

These look incredibly cute!

Gala said...

These rolls are beautiful, love the two color effect!

JSB said...

Heheh. Those are beautiful! I am addicted to making steamed buns after trying it the first time. I am going to use your idea of swirls and maybe use coffee flavor?!?

pigpigscorner said...

aww they are beautiful!

dessertlover said...

Another way to eat this lovely buns: cut your buns in half lengthwise, then drop into HOT oil, deep fry until they're beautifully golden. You'll get a crunchy crust and soft bun inside, yum yum!

CAHİDE said...

Çok güzel bir blog!

peasepudding said...

Wow, these are fabulous! I will definitely try making some, thanks for sharing the recipe.

diva said...

these are beautiful! i love how perfect they look with the swirls ;)

Yujai said...

Thank you everyone :D

I always love making steam rolls, because they are healthier than normal breads and require lesser time too!

Yup, just try mixing up with coffee, earl grey, spice, pumpkin, yam, name it!

Anonymous said...

hi, i just discovered your blog and i must say you have many inspiring recipes! I've never steamed bread though, so do you mind elaborating what you mean by "roll and fold" the dough????

also how do you steam the bun?In a steamer? dim sum basket? COuld i simply use a wok filled with some water and a rack placed on top? Does that affect baking time? thanks so much in advance!

Anonymous said...

When you say oil, do you mean the butter?

Yujai said...

"Roll and fold"

Roll the dough into a flat long stripe (about 0.25 inches thickness), then roll it up(fold) like the swirl, flatten the dough and repeat the process again. Does this make sense?

"Steam the bun"
My wok comes with a steamer layer. I would just fill the wok with water and place the dough into the steamer layer. You can also filled the wok with water and put a rack in the center (small enough that you can place inside the wok but the water should not touch the top of the rack). Place you dough on the rack and cover the wok while steaming.

By "oil", I mean cooking oil like olive oil or canola oil. You can also use butter, I don't think it matters.

Hope this help!

Deborah said...

Hello Miss !

Your rolls look really good, thanks for sharing ! I wanted to know if you can use the starter dough just after they raised for 8 hours, and fill the dough with a sweetened red beans paste.
Thanks a lot,


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