Sunday, November 15, 2009

A fancy pie 華麗派

The pie crust cutters are so cute that I just can't resist to get one and so I did XD I love this new toy!! So glad that I bought it even it's quite expensive ;p

I am a sucker of new recipes. I tried different American apple pie every year, but still I haven't find a perfect one. They always came out too flaky that I can't even get the entire slice hold into a piece (or maybe this is what they suppose to be? Hmmm..). This recipe was disappointing, it tasted like a tart then a pie, so I am not going to share it this time. Oh well, at least I had fun with the pie crust!

Try the recipe from last year, it was awesome!
Old Fashion Apple Pie

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Anonymous said...

That is a neat idea with those pie crust cutters. I might have to look for that. Nice pie crust.

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