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chestnuts fever ll: Chestnut stewed chicken + roasted candied chestnuts + chestnuts matcha roll
栗子狂熱(中式篇): 栗子炆雞 + 糖炒栗子 + 抹茶栗子卷

Chinese edition of chestnuts fever!

roasted chestnuts with sugar 糖炒栗子

Roasted chestnuts is probably the most popular snack in winter. The chestnuts are roasted by heated black sand and sugar in a large wok. It used to be a very common street vendor during the cold season. It's usually roasted by machine nowadays.

And of course I do not have black sand, used sea salt instead, looks kinda real, huh?

chestnut stewed chicken 栗子炆雞

If you are talking about chestnut dish, chestnut stewed chicken will first pop in every Chinese' mind immediately. It's just like tomato and basil for Italians!

chestnut stewed chicken

2 servings
Chicken wings/drumstick// 1/2 lb
Chestnuts // 10
Chu hou paste // 2 tbsp
Oyster sauce // 1 tsp
Sugar // 1 tsp
Ginger // 1 slice
Garlic, mashed // 1 tsp

1. Wash chicken wings and tights, pat dry and cut into pieces(usually in halves). Put chestnuts in a saucepan with simmering water for 10 minutes, turn off heat and cover for another 10 minutes. Strain through sieve and soap the chestnuts in cold water. Remove the shell and inner skin one by one.

2. Place the wok over medium heat, add some oil, cook until very hot. Put in the ginger and garlic, then the other seasoning. Add chicken to the wok and stir fry until golden in color. Add in chestnuts, stir occasionally. Add water, just to the level that covers all the ingredients, turn to high heat until water simmer. Cover and turn to med-low heat, cook until chicken is done and water reduced to sauce-like consistency.

1. For Chu hou paste, you should able to find it in Asian markets, or you can replace it with bean sauce, garlic, and ginger. Look for Lee Kam Kei brand, the can should look like this:

2. To chop the chicken wings and drumstick into pieces, you need a very sharp knife and cut it through in one harsh chop; or you can debone the big bone before cutting them into pieces. I deboned the drumsticks and chopped the chicken wings into halves.

Just like what Yujai's dad always say: Your knife is not sharp enough for cutting chicken, meat or anything, but your finger! Be careful!


雞翼/雞鎚 // 1/2 lb
栗子 // 10粒
柱候醬 // 2 tbsp
蠔油 // 1 tsp
糖 // 1tsp
薑 // 1片
蒜頭,拍扁 // 1 tsp

1. 雞翼/雞鎚洗凈斬件,栗子水滾煮10分鐘,熄火焗約10分鐘, 將栗子放進凍水中慢慢去殼去衣。

2. 鑊熟落油,滾油爆香薑和蒜蓉,再下其他醬料,放雞件炒至金黃色。下栗子炒勻,加水至蓋過所有材料,大火煮滾後,蓋鑊蓋慢火炆約20分鐘至雞熟及收汁即可。

通常雞脾大骨不一刀斬斷,雞脾骨便會碎。斬雞需磨利把刀,用重力一刀過斬下,或可先將雞脾大骨起出才斬。我直接將所有雞鎚去骨,雞翼則斬件,就沒有碎骨的問題了 ;p


Chestnuts matcha roll 抹茶栗子卷

香蕉糕變奏版 XD

Gluten-free chestnuts matcha roll: This is a variation of the classic Chinese banana red bean roll using glutinous rice flour. I mix the matcha powder to the glutinous rice flour and use chestnut paste instead of red bean paste :)

Chestnuts matcha roll


Glutinous rice flour, cooked // 150g
Powdered sugar // 200g
Cool cooked water //300g(depends on the situation)
Oil or butter // 35g
Matcha powder // 1 tsp

1. Place the glutinous rice flour into a saucepan over low heat, stir fry (with no oil) until the color turned very light amber or when you can smell the rice scent.

2. Mix together glutinous rice flour, powdered sugar and matcha powder. Form a flour well and slowly pour in water (little bit at a time), until it form a workable but moist dough. Add in butter and work until completely incorporated. Chill in refrigerator for 15 minutes.

3. Place a plastic warp on the working surface, sprinkle some glutinous rice flour, place the matcha dough, place another piece of plastic wrap on the top and roll it out into rectangular shape. Same as the fillings, but a little smaller than the matcha dough.

4. Remove the top plastic warp, place filling sheet on top the matcha dough sheet. Roll them together and form a swirl roll. Cut and serve immediately.



糕粉 // 150g
糖粉 // 200g
凍滾水 //300g(要看情況加減份量)
生油或牛油(室溫) // 35g
綠茶粉 // 1 tsp

1. 糕粉、糖粉與綠茶粉混合,中間開一穴,慢慢加入凍滾水搓勻,再加入牛油搓揉,放入雪櫃冷凍約15分鐘成冰皮。

2. 在桌面舖上保鮮紙,灑上糕粉,取出適量冰皮攤平,在冰皮面舖上另外一張保鮮紙,再用木棍輾薄,餡料做法一樣但不需灑上糕粉,大小比冰皮細些。

3. 取出向上的保鮮紙,將餡料舖在冰皮面,用舖低的保鮮紙輔助,慢慢由內向外捲成長條,分切小塊,大小隨意,放入雪櫃雪凍,即可。

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melissa said...


The roll looks very good, do you have the recipe to share? (:

Yujai said...

Added in! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

this looks so yum!
check out my food blog and tell me what you think:


tigerfish said...

Wooo la la, the 栗子炆雞 looks so good! Creative rolls too :)

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