Sunday, August 02, 2009

Goodbye Vitara and hell ya to Cooper! 再見了,維他奶

Just in time for cash for clunkers rebate!

I had decided Mini to be my next car since last year, but I wasn't in hurry to own one. If it wasn't because of this rebate, I will probably wait til Vitara totally dies (which will probably happen in 2 years)

Yesterday, Marsian and I drove all the way to Tacoma to visit the Mini dealer (I don't understand why they don't have one in Seattle....strange!). All most all automatic ones were gone, not even to mention choosing my favourite color( I am die hard with chili red body and white top). I was just going to give it a try and test drive. It felt solid and very responsive (compare to my previous experience with Vitara and BMW).

We were just checking when is the next shipment, and suddenly found one that is chili red with white top and automatic! WOW Oh!!! It was ordered by another customer but lucky enough that someone changed her mind, so this is available. The only thing I really don't like it's the sticker and the checker side scuttle. Today is the last day the dealer doing the cash for clunkers rebate, so I had to make the decision over the night.

Today when I see the car again and I am immediately in love with it. I started to love the white stripes leng jai (so handsome)........xD I think the best add-on so far is the hugh sun roof! Marsian likes it too :D More photo to come!

Rest in peace, Vitara. Thank you for your service for past 9 years. I will not forget our闖蕩江湖的日子!

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Venus ~ Vi said...

Awwww~~~~~~~~~~~~~a red mini cooper♥♥♥♥♥

siutou_amy said...

sweet. xD

Yujai said...

so handsome ♥

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