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Matcha pumpkin steamed roll 抹茶南瓜饅頭



可恨的是,塌的!不知道是水太多還是蒸得不好的關係,不過很鬆軟又有點"o趙"頭呀!口感很好呢 XD 包子皮也光滑如絲有亮度喔!



: 老麵 :
中筋麵粉 // 180g
乾酵母粉 // 2g
水 // 90g

1. 攪拌均勻至光滑,室溫發酵6小時,取出備用。

2. 老麵可冷藏1~2天或雪藏保存,雪藏可放1個月!

: 饅頭 :
老麵 // 50g
中筋麵粉 // 200g
抹茶粉 // 2 tsp
糖 // 20g
水 // 50~80g
鹽 // 少許
乾酵母粉 // 2g
橄欖油 // 2 tsp

1. 將所有材料(除老麵和油外)放入麵包機攪拌至成糰,再加入老麵,混合好後加入油,攪拌至麵糰完全吸收油為止。發酵20分鐘。

2. 取出麵糰,反覆桿平數次。最後一次,桿平,加入南瓜粒和南瓜蓉,捲起,切割。

3. 第二次發酵40~50分鐘,約兩倍大。

4. 用中小火蒸約15分鐘,熄火再悶3分鐘才取出。

* notes *
1/ 我用的是栗子南瓜。

Matcha steam roll (starter method)

6 pieces

: starter dough :
All purpose flour // 180g
Dry active yeast // 2g
Water // 90g

1. Combine everything until the dough is smooth and not sticky. Let it rise in room temperature for 6 hours.

2. The starter dough can be chilled in the refrigerator for 1~2 days or freeze for 1 month.

1. I usually divide the start dough into 70g a piece (shape into a ball) and store in the freezer, pretty handy when you want to make a quick steam buns.

: Steam roll :
Starter dough // 50g
All purpose flour // 200g
Matcha powder // 2 tsp
Sugar // 20g
Water // 50~80g
Salt // a pinch
Dry active yeast // 2g
Olive oil // 2 tsp

1. Combine everything(except starter dough & oil) in a mixing bowl, mix until a dough is formed. Add in starter dough, mix until combined. Add in oil, mix until fully absorbed by the dough. Let it rise for 20 minutes.

2. Roll and fold the dough couple times. Roll out one last time, add in sliced pumpkin and mashed pumpkin, roll it up and sliced into 6 pieces.

3. Let it rise for another 40~50 minutes or until doubled it size.

4. Steam the rolls for 15 minutes over low-medium heat. Turn off the heat and do not open the cover, let it sits for another 3 minutes before taking the rolls out.

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Venus ~ Vi said...

果然係言出必行﹐仲整個和風既饅頭﹗最近bread making好fashionable﹐我都要閉關修練至得啦~

Snoopy said...

You have a lot of recipes here! I wonder if you know one for chinese swiss roll. The kind you can buy at the chinese bakeries, with cream in the center of the roll (not a bun). Sometimes they slice it up and sell the slices separately? I hope you know what I mean.

I can't seem to find that one, and oh soooooo want to make it!

Yujai said...

Vi: 同志們仍需努力~閉關ing

Snoopy: erhh...I had posted that kind of recipe before. Check this

Snoopy said...

Thanks Yujai! Was it hard to make? My hubby says that cakes are hard.

Yujai said...

Snoopy: It's easy to make, but the tricky to roll it up! Good luck XD

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