Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tonkotsu Ramen (successful version!) 豚骨濃湯拉麵 (成功版)

FINALLY! This is it! Ha! I finally got this right!!!!!!

After more research on the web, I found out the key items are onion, sesame and mirin! Yup, the soup base this time started to taste like what we had in store, but of course, this is an easy version, so it is less dense/thick than ramen place's soup stock. It was good enough to satisfy Mr. T and my stomach!

The night I made the soup base, there was a storm watch in Seattle, so everyone rushed to the grocery store stocking up......I waited so long in line just to buy a bunch of green onion. There was a three people gang with a fully loaded cart before me at the cashier. I was like....erh, should be alright, I will just wait.....15 minutes later, they finally scanned all the items in the cart and then the cashier started to scan item AGAIN! One of the old men bought stuff separatel...@(#)$(#)I$(#%*(@#$@#....!!! After walking out the store, I told myself, this ramen has to be good!!!

And so I was especially happy with the ramen heheh :D


: 湯底 :
豬骨 // 3
大根 // 2
蘿蔔 // 3 (家裏沒有,所以沒下)
蔥 // 3
昆布 // 1
芝麻 // 少量
洋荵 // 1 (切片)
味琳 // 1/3 cup

1. 把所有豬骨飛水,滾至沒有血水流出。

2. 炒香芝麻及洋荵。

3. 用大鍋把水煮開,沸騰後加入昆布滾一會,撈起,加入姥川熨好的一副豬骨,炒過的芝麻及大根一只,蔥一只,蘿蔔兩只。轉小火煮約2小時,加入味琳,繼續煮3-4小時直至變白及呈膠狀。

4. 把豬骨及大根,蘿蔔撈起,換一副新豬骨進去,繼續煮4小時。4小時後把豬骨及大根,蘿蔔撈起,換一副新豬骨及大根一只,蔥一只,蘿蔔一只進去,繼續煮4小時。

5. 最後加糖鹽調味。

: 日式叉燒 :

柳梅/豬肩(越肥越好) // 500g
八角 // 1
荵 // 2
日式醬油 (kikkomen) // 1 cup
味琳 // 1/4 cup
冰糖 // 1 tbsp
薑 // 半粒
水 // 1 cup
蒜頭 // 5
麻油 // 1 ts[

1. 豬肉先用棉繩捲起來,把開水煮開,放煎好之豬肉進去,加八角,荵段,及半粒薑同煮20分鐘。

2. 把醬油,味琳,麻油,糖拌勻,加到豬肉鍋裡,再煮20分鐘,不時翻面讓其上色。

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Can you translate the recipe into english?

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yes, english please =)

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an english translation would be awesome! please...

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