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My favourite Pandan: Thai coconut sago pudding + Pandan cake roll
我喜愛的班蘭:泰式椰汁西米糕 + 班蘭蛋糕捲

Most of you don't know what it is, but you probably had tried this unique sweet flavor in Thai desserts. If you ask me what it is like, I would say it's somewhat similar to Vanilla. They both have an unique fragrance with a delicate sweet flavor, oh and of course, they are both leaves that grow in tropical area.

I just love how pandan pair with coconut, they are the perfect couple, you cannot go wrong with this combination. It's so refreshing and great treat for summer days or after having deep fried food.

Pandan (screwpine pandanus) is a type of tree that grows in tropical areas of Asia. Pandan leaves have a sweet, unique flavor that is commonly used in Southeast-Asian countries to enhance both desserts and savory dishes. The leaves are long and bright green, and when pounded or ground, they lend a sweet taste and aroma to many Thai desserts and some drinks. They can also be used as a natural replacement for food-coloring, imbuing desserts with a bright shade of green.

Where to buy?

Seattle :: Viet-Wah market (I got it from the Renton store)
Vancouver :: South China Seas Trading Company store at Granville Island Public Market
Hong Kong :: Not sure if you can get them in grocery store, but you will definitely find them in Kownloon city's market.


10 份

粟米粒 // 1 cup
水 // 3 cup
西米 // 1/2 cup
砂糖 // 1/4 cup

椰汁 // 120ml
砂糖 // 1/2 cup
鹽 // 適量
粟粉 // 2 tsp
香蘭葉 // 4~5

1. 水中火煮滾, 加入西米煮5分鐘,然後加入砂糖及粟米粒煮一會,熄火焗5分鐘,沖入1 cup清水,倒掉鍋中水,倒入香蘭葉盒仔中至半滿。

2. 將(B)材料煮成膠狀後, 淋上西米面待冷, 再放1粒粟米粒在椰汁糕面上即成。

: 香蘭葉盒摺法 :

1. 剪出1條約 7 - 8 吋長的班蘭葉 (剪去少許頭及尾部份),在葉上每隔1.5”剪開葉一半,共剪5次。

2. 將葉片剪口位交疊, 摺成四方形, 用竹籤固定位置。

Thai coconut sago pudding

10 pandan leaves bowls

Corn, whole piece // 1 cup
Water // 3 cup
Sago // 1/2 cup
Sugar // 1/4 cup

Coconut milk // 120ml
Sugar // 1/2 cup
Salt // 1 pinch
Corn starch // 2 tsp
Pandan leaves // 3

1. Boil water over medium heat, add in sago and cook for 5 minutes. Add in sugar and corn and cook for a while. Turn off heat and cover for 5 minutes. Pour in 1 cup of water and drain. Pour the sago mixture into the pandan bowls.

2. Combine everything in (B) until paste like, pour over the sago mixture and place a corn piece on the top.

: Pandan leaves bowls :

1. Take one leaf and cut for 7~8" long (chopped off both ends), cut horizontally to the middle of the leaf every 1.5", cut 5 times.

2. Overlay each cut alternately and fold into a square bowl, stable it with tooth stick (or tape in the bottom of the bowl).


recipe revised from // 黃金蛋糕捲 by 妃娟

鮮奶 // 65g
牛油 // 110g

低粉 // 70g

蛋黃 // 5
全蛋 // 25g
班蘭汁 // 1 tbsp
椰汁 // 2 tsp

蛋白 // 5
細砂糖 // 90g

1. A料煮至65℃,加入B拌勻。

2. 分次加入C拌勻。所有蛋黃拌入後﹐將班蘭汁及椰汁倒入﹐然後用麵刮拌勻至完全混合

3. 蛋白打起泡後,分次加糖打至9分發。

4. 將蛋白霜分兩次加入蛋黃麵糊混合,倒入鋪紙烤盤抹平。

5. 以190℃/150℃烤約16-18分鐘,蛋糕出爐後,稍涼即可抹上班蘭椰汁忌簾捲起。

: 班蘭汁 :
班蘭葉 // 3條

1. 剪碎斑蘭葉,連暖水放入攪拌機內攪勻,隔渣,成綠色的斑蘭汁。

Pandan cake roll

one roll of 35 x 25cm
recipe revised from // Golden cake roll by 妃娟

Milk // 65g
Butter // 110g

Cake flour // 70g

Egg yolks // 5
Whole egg // 25g
Pandan sauce // 1 tbsp
Coconut milk // 2 tsp

Egg whites // 5
Sugar // 90g

1. Cook (A) to 65℃, add (B) and mix well.

2. Add in (C) in several additions. After adding in eggs + yolks, pour in pandan sauce and coconut milk, fold to mix.

3. Beat egg whites until stiff peaks.

4. Add yolk mixture to egg white mixture in 2 additions, fold until combined. Pour mixture into the jellyroll cake pan, smooth the surface.

5. 338F bake 15 minutes, let cool on the rack. Spread the pandan cream(whipping cream + pandan sauce + little bit coconut milk) and roll it up.

: Pandan sauce:
Pandan leaves // 3

1. Cut the leaves into small pieces. In a food processor, blend the leaves pieces and warm water. Drain the mixture through sieve to get the green pandan sauce.

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