Friday, April 11, 2008

Wedding moodboard/inspiration board

Color: yellow, green, white
Mood: happy, young, fresh

I usually called it moodboard, but seems like they called it inspiration board in the wedding design industry.

A moodboard is a collage of materials (images, text, colours, textures, website screen shots, whatever you like) which captures the ambiance or feel of a place or design. Widely used in interior design and advertising.

Yes! No wedding cake, but cupcake tower! No tiara, but fresh flower on my head XD

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buttermimi said...

Hey, You left a message on my blog a while back about the wedding make-up artist. I just realized that you are coming to Greater Vancouver, Pitt Meadow for your wedding this year. Congrats! Did you find someone suitable then?

Venus ~ Vi said...

Nice colors! So sunny and refreshing! Oh, I want to get hitch too =)

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