Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How's your Chinese new year? Mine is very fatty...!!



婚紗,晚裝,裙褂,姐妹裙和其他配件也都搞定囉!婚紗是米白色的,晚裝是金色的,好靚0架 XD 這次回香港都算走盡港九新界各地,遲下我應該可以寫本”香港婚禮購物之旅”,呵!

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Siukwan said...



Venus ~ Vi said...

Hi Hi~

Oh my, what a meal! It must be great to spend New Year in HK since there is much more holiday spirit =)

Ooooo, are you going to post some pix on your gowns? I wanna see....

Yujai said...

siukwan: 你廚藝都好精湛呀!

Vi: I don't want to show any of my guest until the wedding day for surprises ;P Send me your email, I will send u the pic :)

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