Saturday, January 12, 2008

shopping mode fishy

The title pretty much described my life in hk for last weeks. Shopping shopping and still shopping.

One good news is that I finally settled on the wedding gown design! The design is simple but with subtle details, which I always love. Nothing bling bling. Yeah! I will have the first fitting in the end of this month. Hopefully I will able to have second fitting before I leave.

I have made a significant progress in shopping for the wedding. Besides the wedding gown, I've bought the traditional Cantonese wedding dress in China. Normally the dress is decorated with beautiful embroidery using gold and sliver thread, but they are very expensive, range from HK$2,000~$10,000. I went for the cost-effective option, for just RMB$575, I got a dress with embroidery using beads. Nice enough for photoshoot ;)

Usually parents of bride will give bride a pair of dragon phoenix bracelets as present. Since I already received two pairs of bracelets T's mom & my aunties, my mom suggested I can choose any kind of gold jewelry instead. I ended up choose a gold jewelry set. The design is sooooooooooooo pretty!! I can't wait to wear it. I love hk's jewelry stores....haha!

I am so into shopping for clothing this time. I have already bought 5 pairs of shoes! Sneaker, red, sliver, copper and beige colored short heels. Three pairs are for the wedding.

My next objective is to find an evening gown for the wedding night.

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Siukwan said...


Nice to know everything is going forward with your wedding preparation. Hope everything is going smooth on your big day!

I wish you'll have more precious memories to come especially on your wedding day! Be a pretty bride~


Yujai said...

Hey Siukwan, where did you have your invitation print? Any recommended printer?

Siukwan said...

我那時在婚展落order的,是普通的印請帖公司,不過我更改了他的design我給他們soft copy(是要加少少$的),他們的價錢主要是看你選那種紙質的卡而定~


Yujai said...

係呀, hk印平0的嘛~
我諗住去睇0下0的紙質先囉, 暫時我心目中有2個design, 視乎情況而定啦

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