Monday, December 31, 2007

Sydney, Australia

I had a hot Xmas in Australia this year. Well, not too hot, but definitely warm one.

Koala are soooo lazy, I never see them move!

Sleeping lions

Mr. Kangaroo wasn't willing to show us his signature jumping moves, but he did demostrate his human-like seating pose. Look at the muscle on his front arms!


My favourite marine creature: Jellyfish!!!

Thanks to T's cousin drove us around for the night shots!

I've climbed the Sydney Bridge! It was fun, not as scary as I thought it would be!

The Opera House looks aged during the day, but absolutely photogeneric at night. Another support for the light and water theory, everything looks better at night

The busy Opera Bar at night

I found Australia is an awsome place to shoot big blue sky, unlike Vancouver, lots of clouds floating in Australia. This scene looks like Window XP wallpaper, don't you think so?

Sunset @ Hunter Valley

Darling Habour: I didn't see many modern/contemporary architecture in Sydney downtown. Most buildings are very 80s/90s like. Another example of my night+water theory.

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Siukwan said...



Venus said...

Oh…Sydney…3rd place on my must travel-to destinations…I want to be there too (whining…)
The lions are so kawaii, kangaroo got some long axx legs and I heart the capture of the sunset sky and the water drop (?!). 有feel ~ Well done!

Lastly, Happy New Year!

Yujai said...

Happy new year 小軍 & Vi!

siukwan: 其實有3隻C子攤0係度0架! Zoo裏面的動物大部份都訓到死0左0禁(可能天氣太熱). 不過這個動物園的住客都好威, 對住無敵大海景, 還看到Sydney Bridge (今天放煙花那條), 都不知幾嘆~~~

Vi: What's the first and second place on your must travel-to list?

Venus ~ Vi said...

2nd goes to Japan and....drumroll please....Paris tops my list!

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