Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am back! Vancouver 回鄉探親

Last weekend we were back to Vancouver for 1.5 days. Supposed we were going to back on Friday night, but I've got a rush job to finish (Client picked the final design on Friday afternoon and want it to be done before Monday.....nice)....so we went back in Sat morning instead.

On the way we stopped by McDonald because mr T wants to play the monopoly game! A guy who don't believe in marketing with super high resistance to any kind of advertisement actually takes the action (he had been craving this for a week!)! How successful this campaign is!?

Anyways, we had brunch in McDonald and arrived Vancouver around 1pm. We then met my friend Danny & Chris at Stanley Park for photo shoot. I've asked them to do me a favour shooting some photo for us (more like engagement photo.....yea, I know it's weird...but hey I need some photo for the wedding).

Smile, clicking clicking clicking; pretend to lookout, clicking clicking clicking; walk, clicking clicking clicking; it was soooo funny! With the continuous shooting mode and the shutter sound, I felt like I've been shot by machine guns so many times! Oh no! we are dead XD Thank you so much Danny & Chris for doing me a big favour! I can't wait to see the photo......hmm....not until next time I go back. They shoot 700+ photo that day, yea I am sure I will have fun time with photoshop later ;p

At night, we went to friend's house warming party. As usual, we wii & tw mj. I was the sole winner that day! 6 continuously winning when I was "john" with 3+ "ji moh" and some big wins! Wahahahaa! I was sooooo happy! (sorry helen ;p) I won my first "lek goo" too! YEAH~


金都茶餐廳餅店 Kam Do Restaurant & Bakery :: $
1120 - 8391 Alexandra Rd, Richmond :: 604-231-9216

正宗元朗老婆餅! 好味到暈...暈0左! 每次都總會見到一些美國或其他地方來的人幾打幾打地買(現在我明白了...嗚!) 我通常買一打回家,每件用保鮮紙包好放入冰格雪藏,要吃時焗爐焗15分鐘就可以吃了 :)

推介 :: 老婆餅,皮蛋酥及各種傳統港式酥餅

麗都茶餐廳 :: $
150-4231 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond (中環廣場內) :: 604-231-0055

超肥的菠蘿油...因為他們放的牛油非常地厚所以超級好味! 建議早上去吃,因為上午比較容易消耗熱量,心理上會好過一點 :)

推介 :: 菠蘿油,蛋塔,煲仔飯

新城餅家 :: $
158 E Pender Street, Vancouver :: 604-689-7835
4-6360 No. 3 Rd, Richmond :: 604-270-2889


推介 :: 蒸雞飽,蝴蝶酥,忌簾筒

美之香 :: $
1163-3779 Sexsmith Rd (置地廣場) :: 604-303-9818


推介 :: 蜂蜜蛋糕,咖啡大理石蛋糕,蛋糕卷,雞蛋肉鬆三明治

Senses Bakery :: $
801 Georgia Street West (Crowne Plaza) :: 604-633-0138


推介 :: everything

Ganache Patisserie :: $
1262 Homer Street, Vancouver :: 604-899-1098


推介 :: everything

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts Bakeshop & Café :: $
1505 West Second Avenue, Vancouver (outside Granville Island) :: 604-734-4488
這是一家由學生實習經營的cafe,雖然沒上述那兩家的精緻但亦很不錯,價錢也便宜1/3左右。另一邊有一家同樣是學生實習經營的restaurant則可以不試,我吃過一次, 不會再去。

推介 :: Chocolate mousse cake

Crepe de France :: $
757 West Hastings Street (Sinclair Centre Food court)

最好吃的法式crepe,不是Cafe crepe那種事先做好厚厚的"crepe"。這裡鹹的crepe都是用whole grain flour做的,所以我不太喜歡 ;p

推介 :: all sweet crepes

Kintaro Ramen 金太郎拉麵 :: $
788 Denman St., Vancouver :: 604-682-7568


Subeez Cafe :: $$
891 Homer Street, Vancouver :: 604-687-6107

推介 :: Mayo fries, nachos, cobb salad

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smyli said...

i could be wrong... but i think senses may be not there anymore 'cause hotel georgia is getting turned into residences or something?

Yujai said...

Oops...I didn't know that, haven't been there for a while. So did they moved or closed?

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