Tuesday, October 30, 2007

happy halloween!

My video is on YouTube frontpage's featured video!!!

This morning when I checked emails, I got quite a few emails asking about the video that I uploaded more than a year ago. So to satisfy my curiosity, I went to youtube and.....WOW! My video is on YouTube frontpage's featured video with 100K+ views!!!

However, more viewing also means more "sharp & angry" comments. Oh well! This is still a surprisingly happy halloween!

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siutou_amy said...

I also noticed!

Congratulations ahda!!!!!!!!!!

DId u know u were like #1 on like Ireland YouTube count too??

Check ur honors. u r so famous hahahaha

U must get tons of spam in it now xD

Yujai said...

Yeah! I was soooo surprised!

Totally, I already getting lots of spam!

Siukwan said...



Yujai said...


After effects along with photoshop & illustrator! I love adobe!!

verano said...

nice!! Congrats! ^^
I checked out that video before~ it's awesome.

Yujai said...

Thanks verano :)
Thanks for dropping by~~

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