Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wedding Gown

In case you don't know, Aug 23, 2008 will be the big day! Yes! the "real" wedding!

We were engaged in late Feb, on the day of our 5th anniversary. I was totally surprised. He did such a good job on planning it underground xD Anyways, I think it's time for me to "resume" the gave-me-a-lot-of headache wedding planning. I am going to start with the fun gown!!! YEAH~~~

I knew I will custom made one in Hong Kong and I will wear it 2 times: once in Vancouver and then once in Hong Kong. I browsed websites and flipped magazines for ideas. Too many choices and my brain exploded XD

Ball gown, mermaid, princess, a-line, sheath and empire are the most common silhouette. To be honest I am definitely a clumsy petite person, so I would rather wear something light and not to look like a walking wedding-cake that day. (Get that image? haha)

Ball gown and princess are pretty much out of the question. Personally I won't like mermaid either, so that's out too.

As for neckline, I like strapless, but I have another problem....I need to hide my upper arm because of my skin.
As for fabric, I prefer chiffon or silk, no satin!
As For color, I like ivory, white or champagne and I LOVE embroidery!

Here are the ones that I like:

Ideas for brides rather to hide the shoulder:

I can kinda narrow my choices, but still don't know what I should go for. Since I am going for tailor-made, I am not sure how good it will turn out too. Oh well, I will keep my eyes on and continue my quest for the prefect dress.

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fibbi said...

Gown shopping/hunting is FUN! My experience is that, some style may be not our cup of tea but until you try it out, you may have a different feeling about it. At first I don't think I will ever consider puffy ballgown type dress because I'm already so chubby. However, after trying out numerous dress THE ONE is indeed a puffy dress and it does look good. So you never know! Try out different one and pick a few style that you like, then custom made in HK would be my 2 cents. :)

Yujai said...

Yeah, it was fun! And you are right, the wedding-cake style does look better on Asians!

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