Monday, August 06, 2007

Grand opening

FINALLY!!! This is DONE!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

I've been working on this since last Tuesday. Working on CSS onboth IE and firefox had gave me headache! I am soooooo happy that this is finally working! I know it's going to look like crap in ie6, hey guess what, screw ie6, I am not going to fix it :p

It's almost been 2 months since my official move to Seattle (Ask me for the crazy story of why am I in Seattle now.) Being a settler to Seattle, things turns out quite well. I've got my WA driver license, get to know the city (mainly food-related places ha!), forced mr. t to clean up the house and of course, the thing I did was invaded the closet and kitchen!

The room downstairs is finally repainted, it's now in happy green. This is going to be our den/guest room and game room. We are going to fill one side of the walls with bookcases, as I've always dream to fill up the walls with books (nothing intelligence, just comic books and novels haha). Can't wait to see have this done!

July 28, 2007
Somewhere in North Bend

We've went to MS company picnic. It was actually quite impressive! Lots of game tents, stations and food. We were too stuffed so we didn't try any of the game stations. Anyways, it is the best MS event I have been so far.

Left: The event map ; Right: All the food stalls

Business opportunities in a company picnic??

I was going to try that out, but the line was too looooooooooooong.

We rushed back home to continue the paint job right after company picnic.

Before and after

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siutou_amy said...

My god, ur css is gorgeous-er than mine hahaha. I am just so lazy to do my own... besides, i suck.
how about design books to fill ur book?? going to hk soon???? xD

Yujai said...

kekek are you going to buy me some amiee? I will go back for xmas/new year and will probably bring tonz (i mean physically) of books back haha!

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