Sunday, September 28, 2008

"hand itchy": English afternoon tea party
手痕之過: 英式下午茶派對

I guess I am in crazy cooking/baking mode these days, you can call it after-wedding-synonym. What can be better than having English afternoon tea in a sunny Saturday afternoon?

We served strawberry cotton cake, English scones, finger size sandwiches(I even made the bread from scratch!) and chocolate and creme brulee tarts along with rose tea. The sandwiches were awesome, and I especially love the chocolate tarts even thought they didn't turned out what they supposed to be. The tart composed of tart shell, a slice of chocolate cake, creme brulee and chocolate mousse. Oh yea, that's not ganache from the photo, it supposed to be chocolate mousse! I didn't know why but it just turned out look and tasted like ganache.

The preparation was tedious. I started making the tarts shells and scones on Friday after work, then made the bread and baked the cotton cake in the morning. Lots of washing. Our dish washer had suddenly broke down one day and I've just started washing dishes by hand since then. It's really the time to buy a new dish washer!

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